Things this month:

Tom and "Charlie" were recently travelling from Washington state to LA. They were on an AMTRAK train.

Tom's luggage was stored in the appropriate luggage car with all his money and other worldly goods.

He and Charlie were minding their own business when a person across the aisle starting taunting the dog.

Tom asked the fellow to stop, and it seems that a debate ensued. The man said, "That's no Service Animal!"

To which, Tom replied that "Charlie is certainly a Service Animal...Can you not see that I have a visible disability and Charlie assists me..."

Soon, a conductor came by and to help Tom and the fellow. The conductor saw the dog and immediately said, "Sir, that dog is an aggressive breed. You need to take him off the train." It seems that the conductor was deathly afraid of dogs to begin with - and she only made things worse when she assumed that all "PIT BULLS" are aggressive and dangerous.

What ensued next is beyond words. Tom has a major visual impairment and needs Charlie with him. He is completely blind in one eye, and only has limited site in the other.

At the next train stop, the conductor called the Police, and after a short argument, the police officer told Tom he would have to leave the train. "It's Amtrak's policy to not allow aggressive breeds on their train."

We at United Service Animal Registry jumped into gear, called Amtrak, and after a short discussion, was able to get Tom a secured seat on the next train. Unfortunately, the next train was not for another 12 hours. So, Tom had to remain in the train station, alone all night with his dog - no luggage, no money to purchase any food --

How would you handle being kicked off your train - without any means to take care of yourself, unable to really see your surroundings -- having to navigate a strange place with only your Service Animal to help.

Tom did endure! He waited in the lobby throughout the night, and the next day got back on a southbound train.

The story ends well. Tom made it home. He called us to tell us he was safe. Charlie saved the day!! Without Charlie's being there to keep Tom healthy and safe, was not only a miracle, but a true testament to what our "man/dog" relationship can achieve when faced with true hardship.

Thanks to Tom - and absolutely Charlie - for letting us share this story with you.

And now... for something even more ugly... This is Martha

The Neapolitan Mastiff, who won last year's World's Ugliest Dog contest, took the stage before the 2018 winner was announced.

With Love From us,

Carol and David
USA-R Partners
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